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Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers

Best Family Lawyers Adelaide

Our process

We’ve become the best family lawyers Adelaide by taking a personalised and empathetic approach. The process always begins with a detailed consultation to outline all of your objectives with the case. We give you an opportunity to share your story, and tell us how you’d like the situation to be managed. Don’t worry—we don’t expect you to have any prior experience or knowledge regarding how the system works. We walk you through the process and ensure you feel comfortable and confident from end to end. Our solicitors will make sure that you fully understand what your rights are, and what options you have. The Jordan & Fowler team arrange all the correct paperwork and help you lodge applications or claims that are relevant to secure your hearing. To book your consultation with the best family lawyers Adelaide, simply give us a call! The number is (08) 8221 5400.
Best Family Lawyers Adelaide 

What do I need to apply for divorce?

Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers are the best family lawyers Adelaide because we genuinely care about the outcome of your case. We treat you like a human, not just a number. And when it comes to divorce, we want to make the process as stress-free as possible for your family. Firstly, we always remind our clients that they don’t need to provide any reason or evidence to formally end their marriage. The court will only need to ascertain whether your children are being properly taken care of before granting divorce. Upon making your application, you will need to provide identification, your marriage certificate, and proof of citizenship. Divorce cases typically wrap up within a 2-3-month time frame, but the hearings are generally short. For more information form the best family lawyers Adelaide, chat with Jordan & Fowler family law today!

What makes a dependable law firm?

So, how have we become the best family lawyers Adelaide?
  • Experience: our directors have deep experience in family law. Through this expertise, we’ve refined our approach to deliver a level of support and professionalism that is unrivalled in our field.
  • Empathy: Having dealt with hundreds of complex cases in our time, we’ve seen the struggle first-hand. We approach every case with caution and care to ensure our clients feel supported the whole way through.
  • Transparency: Honesty and transparency are vital qualities when it comes to family law. We promise to always tell you how it is, and never set you up with unwanted surprises.
  • Analytical skills: Every good lawyer needs diagnostic and problem-solving abilities. As soon as a problem presents itself, our team will start working towards the most practical and effective solution. Take control of your situation and call the best family lawyers Adelaide!
If you choose Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers to tackle your case, we promise to bring a level of grit and determination that you won’t see anywhere else in our field. Stick with the best family lawyers Adelaide and call us on (08) 8221 5400! Our reputation is built on a proven track record.