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Family Law Firms & Mediation Services

All reliable family law firms Adelaide should offer mediation services. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a mediator essentially communicates on your behalf. This might be with your ex-partner or family member directly, or with their solicitor. This has proven to be the most effective way to reach resolutions without running into trouble. Mediation is actively encouraged by law authorities throughout the litigation process. There have been multiple incidents where confidentiality has been breached or the process has been drawn out because of disputes. Our team:

  • Set the ground rules
  • Neutrally negotiate terms
  • Clarify the information for our clients

Your safety and comfort are our number one priority, so you can expect us to approach every matter with rationality. Our specialist expertise in family law facilitates a prompt and holistic service. Call (08) 8221 5400 to book mediation services with the best of local family law firms Adelaide!

Family law firms Adelaide 

The mediation process

Our family law firms Adelaide take mediation services very seriously. We follow stringent guidelines, explore all possible options,and always come to a feasible solution.Here’s the general step by step approach we take to ensure a smooth process.

  1. Permission to mediate is attained from both parties
  2. Laying out the ground rules
  3. Meeting the opposing party and identifying all possible solutions
  4. Negotiating terms of agreement
  5. Putting a solution in place with a signed agreement

Courts tend to look favourably on parties that are prepared to mediate, because it demonstrates a genuine desire to reach a prompt conclusion. We 100% support our clients throughout this process and understand the frustration it might incur. However, we promise to do you justice and work in your favour to the best of our abilities. Call to discuss mediation services with the best family lawyers Adelaide!

Divorce in South Australia

Mediation services Adelaide are a standard request for family law firms Adelaide—and we cover all grounds. One of the more popular areas of family law we manage is divorce. Nearly 50% of relationships in Australian end with divorce. Now days, the system is more accessible and accommodating to encourage healthy family relationships. To be eligible for divorce, your must be able to confirm at least one of the following:

  • You were born in Australia
  • You have an Australian citizenship
  • You are lawfully present in Australia and intend on long-term stay
  • You have been living in Australia for at least 12 months, which can be confirmed on your Visa.

Notably, there are various other issues that might stem from divorce such as property settlement, co-parenting arrangements, and financial agreements. If you need mediation services from the best of family law firms Adelaide, call (08) 8221 5400!

Would mediation services Adelaide from reliable family law firms Adelaide make your life 100% easier? Call Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers on (08) 8221 5400 to learn more about our process! We’re clear, professional, and do our best to fulfil your wishes every step of the way.