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Mediation Services Adelaide

So, what do Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers do to help? Well, we take care of all the technical problems and provide mediation services Adelaide to facilitate a smooth process. This includes:
  • Analyzing our clients situation to come up with practical solutions
  • Outlining the clients rights and responsibilities
  • Completing and lodging the appropriate paperwork to make the appeal
  • Educating clients on standard court procedures and etiquette.
The client experience is our number one priority because we empathize with the stress and confusion that many endure. We’ve dealt with hundreds of family law cases over time, so we understand that family issues can come with added complexity—especially when there’s children involved. For family law advice you can trust, call Jordan and Fowler to arrange your first consultation with the team. Our mediation services are exactly what you need to wrap up your family law matter n minimal time!
Mediation Services Adelaide 

What does family law cover?

Family Law is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of issues. Our mediation services are helpful in every one of these situations. These include divorce, child support, spousal maintenance, co-parenting arrangements, property division and more. Property division—Dividing your property after ending a relationship doesn’t necessarily always mean splitting assets 50/50. There’s a lot of variables that come into play, so our team make sure you’re fully aware of your entitlements. Child Support—Our solicitors have a wealth of knowledge regarding child support. We cover every detail including school fees, mortgage payments, and other family costs to make sure your children receive adequate care and support. Divorce—While divorce can be straightforward, it can also be incredibly complex. We assist with all aspects of the process including representing you and mediating with your ex-spouse. To enquire about our mediation services, call (08) 8221 5400 today.

Frequently asked questions related to family law

We don’t expect you to have absolutely any knowledge regarding family law or mediation services. Some of the recurring questions we receive are: Do all family law matters need to go to court? Our aim is to reach a conclusion before a court hearing is necessary. However, in the event of divorce, you will need to apply in the Federal Circuit Court. Each family matter has different requirements, so it’s wise to discuss this with your solicitor early on. How long does a court case take? Once again, this will vary with each family matter. When you lodge a divorce application the court will advise the hearing date, which generally occurs within 2-3 months. The divorce order will finalize after a month and one day has passed since the hearing. Of course, the best way to speed up any process is to take advantage of our mediation services.
If you wish to learn more about family law, make sure to call our firm on (08) 8221 5400. We pair you with a solicitor who will offer the friendly advice you’ve been longing for. While our work is detailed, our process is simple. The overarching goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible, which is why we offer mediation services Adelaide!