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Property Dispute Lawyers Adelaide

Our property dispute management services

Property dispute lawyers Adelaide are oftenrequired following a divorceor long-term relationship break-ups.Who should receive what, and why? This is the question that starts all of the conflict. Our professional lawyers will undertake a detailed process to make sure exercise your rights to your advantage. The court will take a range of factors into account, such asfinancial contribution, health status, and any other factors that might affect an individual in the future. This is because the outcome has to be considered fair and equitable, regardless of the breakup terms. It’s also important to remember that the term property isn’t just limited to assets. It also refers to liabilities like fees and loans that have been incurred throughout the relationship. Call us on (08) 8221 5400 to book an appointment with our property dispute lawyers Adelaide!

Property dispute lawyers Adelaide 

About Jordan & Fowler Family Lawyers

Our property dispute lawyers Adelaide are trained in all areas of family law. While our service might be considered niche, we run a holistic process to ensure your family dramas are put to an end. The founders of our establishment, Andrew Jordan and Charles Fowler, have an extensive background in family law. Combined, they have over 50 years’ experience which they regularly exercise to reach quick, but calculated conclusions. The two have hand-picked a team of dedicated staff to reflect their core values through and through.

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Empathy and Respect

Through demonstratingthese values, we’ve become one of Adelaide’s most highly regarded family law firms.We think outside the square and come up with rational solutions to keep all parties happy. We even offer mediation services if you’re having trouble communicating with your ex-partner. Call (08) 8221 5400 to book with our property dispute lawyers Adelaide!

Our services

What other services do our property dispute lawyers Adelaide provide? Well, we cover the full scope of family law. Here’s a little more insight:

Child support—is your child receiving adequate financial support from your ex-partner? We collect all the data and negotiate the most practical terms for both parties to facilitate a safe and happy future for your child.

Divorce—South Australia has a “no fault” divorce system which allows couples to end their marriage after 12-months of separation. If you’re ready to formally end your marriage, our team will help you file all the necessary paperwork.

Co-parenting—in this circumstance, it’s hard to put your anger aside and do what’s best for your child. We provide you with guidance and advice to help you make educated decisions.

If you’re going through family drama our property dispute lawyers Adelaide will take care of you every step of the way.

Property Dispute Lawyers Adelaide | The Best in the Business!

You can reach our property dispute lawyers Adelaide by calling (08) 8221 5400 or sending us a message via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’re highly responsive and prioritise good communication above all.